In January 2018, in co-production with the parents and staff a new Behaviour Policy was adopted across the school. 


Behaviour Policy


At Hopton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School we believe that good behaviour is essential in order to create an environment where everybody can learn. We accept and recognise that children present different learning behaviours and these will need to be dealt with on an individual basis in relation to the child’s personal pathway. We believe in positive rather than negative approaches to learning behaviours and look for natural and logical consequences when reflecting on the behaviour choices. Therefore our Policy is rooted in helping children to learn and this underpins the decisions that are made.


A Growth  Mindset

We aim to celebrate good learning behaviours during the school day using both whole school and classroom based strategies. Embedded through out the school is a Growth Mindset. A culture has been established where children are not afraid to fail. They are encouraged to challenge themselves and stretch their brains daily. This notion is celebrated weekly in Friday assemblies.


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