As a school we have changed the way that we assess the children's progress from Y1 up to Y6 as the levels previously used nationally are no longer in use.

We now use a system called Target Tracker that assesses how the children are progressing through their year group's objectives. The focus is on the breadth of learning within the year and mastering this before moving on rather than just trying to make a constant vertical climb through the levels with the chance of building up 'gaps of learning'.

We use 'statements' in reading, writing and maths that relate to the national curriculum objectives and the children's coverage of and progress through these are shown in the following way -

Coloured highlighting show the progress that your child is making with the statements -

Red - Beginning to understood

Blue - Secure

Yellow - Mastered

The accumulation of these statements give an overall judgement within the year group band.

Each year group's statements can be viewed at the bottom of this page along with the powerpoint presentation shared with parents on the 24th of November 2015. Clicking on these will open the documents.

All of this means that the way that we report to you will change and after much discussion our current plan is to give a report out halfway through the year showing the children's progress against the statements along with other useful information; followed closely by a parent evening. We will continue to give a more detailed annual report at the end of the year which will tell you whether your child is working towards expected level, at expected level/secure or working above expected level/mastered. We also plan to provide other opportunities at other times in the year for you to view your child's progress and what their next steps are.

Year 1 reading

Year 1 writing

Year 1 mathematics - number

Year 1 mathematics - other

Year 2 reading

Year 2 writing

Year 2 mathematics - number

Year 2 mathematics - other

Year 3 reading

Year 3 writing

Year 3 mathematics - number

Year 3 mathematics - other

Year 4 reading

Year 4 writing

Year 4 mathematics - number

Year 4 mathematics - other

Year 5 reading

Year 5 writing

Year 5 mathematics - number

Year 5 mathematics - other

Year 6 reading

Year 6 writing

Year 6 mathematics - number

Year 6 mathematics - other


Powerpoint presentation for parents


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